turbo25000 xsmallThe Skinny on High Pressure

Tanning is actually the body’s natural defense mechanism for protection against the sun’s rays. Normally the outer layer of skin exfoliates every 28 days, but when exposed to high concentrates of UVB rays; the body is forced to exfoliate every 5-10 days. This is why low-pressure tanners must tan more frequently to keep the outer layer of their skin looking brown. Because high-pressure filters out most of the UVB rays, your skin is able to maintain normal exfoliation, which in turn allows your skin to stay tan much longer!


Tan Ultrafast
High pressure tanning provides color results immediately! While low-pressure tanning beds require 10-15 visits to establish a base tan, an Ultra Sun bed only requires 3-4 sessions. Maintaining a tan has never been easier. 2-3 visits a month will sustain the dark gold results that you crave. Think of all the valuable time you will save by upgrading to a high pressure tanning sun bed or tower.

Because of the convenience and great results provided by High Pressure tanning lamps they are now incorporated throughout the entire bed. The Turbo 25000 (above) is completely High Pressure, and the Magnum 6000 (right) is a combination of High Pressure and traditional tanning lamps. While they are more expensive per session, they are intended for only 3-4 sessions per month to maintain your tan!


Portage Only
This is the top level bed in the tanning industry! The Turbo 25,000 has fifteen 1,500 watt high-pressure facials in the canopy and 20 200 watt VHR 1% UVB and 99% UVA lamps in the base so you don’t have to “flip over” as you do in other high pressure units. The Turbo also features a shoulder tanner and aroma therapy! This bed will take you from zero to tan in 3-4 sessions.

Tan 3-4 tams in one week and only 1-2 times per month to maintain your tan.

Maximum session time 10 minutes



Portage & Campus

This is our 3rd level bed in Portage. This is a high-pressure unit. The Magnum features 50 180 watt VHR lamps, four (4) 1,000 watt facials, and a shoulder tanner! With only 1% UVB and 99% UVA this bed will get you deep, dark, and sexy!
Tan 3-4 times in one week and once every 6-10 days to maintain your tan.
Maximum session time 12 minutes



The Platinum
Campus Only

This is our 3rd level bed on campus. This high UVA bed features 40 160 watt VHR lamps and three (3) 1,000 watt high-pressure facials for no burning on your face and neck. This bed has a 2% UVB and 98% UVA lamp for deep, dark tanning.
Tan 3-5 times in one week and 1-2 times per week to maintain your tan.
Maximum session time 15 minutes